AD| #StandwithSmall – My Etsy Picks for Post-Lockdown

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As part of Etsy’s #StandwithSmall campaign, I wanted to celebrate the small businesses I love, so that when life goes back to normal (or at least something close!) we can all support them, because it’s really hard to be a small seller, especially in such an uncertain time as this. So, this is to the small businesses. The sewing-at-the-kitchen-table-while-the-kids-nap businesses. The drawing-custom-portraits-to-pay-for-Uni businesses. The chronically-ill-working-from-home businesses. 

Lavender Pretty Floral Scrunchie w/ Bunny Ears by Willow and Sage Finds

I had to start with this because this gorgeous scrunchie is made by my best friend! I feel like a cute scrunchie can make the messiest of Mum-buns look stylish and she has some beautiful floral options and even a Harry Potter themed one! 

RuPaul’s Drag Race Doormat by Customat

I realllllyyyyy want to buy a house this year. I’m not sure if Corona will set us back on our plans but for now I’m occupying myself by planning how I will decorate it (and not even thinking about how I will pay for it!). I love this fun doormat, although I’m not sure Steven will! 

Jumbo Crayon Colours Finger Puppet Set – French & Spanish by Hugs and Stitches

I love me some cute educational toys! When I was 3, I accidentally taught myself some French by watching Tots TV, so I really want Ruben to learn a language young too. These finger puppets will make learning the colours really fun and we can start with English and then branch off. We have a friend who teaches Spanish so we’ll probably go for that and I can learn too. 

Plant Markers, Water me Plant Topper by The Letter Loft UK

I love plants but I also have a tendency to let them become crusty and dead! So I love this cute reminder that is both stunning decor and also a prompt to be a good plant owner. 

Personalised Wooden Tea Set by the Honey Pot Laser

I really struggled not to make this whole thing full of handmade toys and clothes for Roo but this one did sneak in. I think this is just such a beautiful set that would really last and grow with him. I’m really excited to sit in the sunshine, playing tea-parties with his teddies.

Safari Wild Animal Harem Dungaree Romper by You Are My Sunshine Ltd. 

Speaking of handmade clothes! I LOVE Ruben in a romper. He looks so sweet and comfy and they seem to last forever too when I’ve bought them online. I love this gorgeous Safari print, although do I dare put him in white?! 

Bunny Cloth Nappy by Prairie Rose Baby

Some women collect handbags, others collect shoes – I collect cloth nappies. I usually go for super cheap options for cloth nappies but I do love to treat myself (well, technically Ruben, but he doesn’t care much what’s on his bum) and this is such a lovely springtime option. 

Daisy drop earrings by Laylaamber

I’ve had these in my Wishlist for FOREVER! I love daisies, and I love a statement earring so this is right up my street. I would hugely recommend checking out her stuff if you like plants as she has some AMAZING succulent-themed stuff and it’s just dreamy! 

Manifestation Quartz Point by Moon Rising Gift Shop

Speaking of dreamy…! I’ve recently really gotten into manifestation (thanks to Manifestation Collective so I love the look of this crystal. 

Honestly, I could show you over 1000 different things in my favourites, but they all follow similar themes – baby clothes, cute wooden toys, rainbow items, sassy quotes from TV shows on various household items and quirky earrings. Etsy is my go-to for unique gifts and I can’t wait until all this uncertainty is over and I can support the heck out of my favourite small creators. 

Leave your best finds in the comments below! 

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