2 little boys crouch plying with a red and blue Spiderman vehicle. The younger one on the left is wearing a yellow tshirt and blue dungarees and the eldest on the right has on a white vest and pink shorts.

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In my house, if it’s got a remote control and wheels it’s an instant hit, and as big fans of Spidey and His Amazing Friends, you can imagine how much excitement this Spidey Web Crawler caused in the Wright household! 

The remote control has two easy-to-use buttons, forward-straight and backward-curve. I won’t lie, I found it really hard to get Spidey to go the way that I wanted to, but my 4-year-old had no issues at all, so I can only assume that I’m just not built for RC driving. The Web Crawler is surprisingly nippy, and my boys (including my 30year old husband) have spent many an hour whizzing Spidey around the house (and into my feet while I’m cooking dinner). 

My hand holds an oval-shaped red remote control with a blue antenna on the top and 2 blue buttons,

I like that the remote control isn’t too big for Ruben’s little hands – we have a few remote control vehicles and some of then require you to press two buttons at once, on a much bigger remote, which he can struggle with a bit sometimes.  

If you haven’t checked out Spidey and His Amazing Friends, I would hugely recommend it. It features all your Spiderman universe favourites, but is aimed at preschoolers (and Fall Out Boy do the theme tune) and each story has a positive message of teamwork and bravery. 

2 little boys playing with a red and blue Spiderman vehicle. The younger one on the right is stood up smiling and is wearing a yellow tshirt and blue dungarees and the eldest on the left has on a white vest and pink shorts, and is crouching

We have a few different Spidey and His Amazing Friends toys, and both boys love to play pretend with them. But getting to add the remote control 1:24 scale Web Crawler to their games has added a whole new level of fun and I’ll be honest – I haven’t got a clue what’s going on half the time but there is so much laughter and giddiness that I’m just happy that they’re having fun. 

You’ll need 3 AAA batteries and 2 AA batteries across the vehicle and remote control, plus a screwdriver to open it – useful to know when you have impatient children despite for you to get it all set up. One feature I love is that it will beep if you’ve left it on for a while, so you can make sure it’s turned off to save power, and the switches are easy enough for little fingers to do themselves. 

You can get this Spidey Web Crawler, or the Miles Morales Web Crawler from Amazon, OUT NOW. 

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