AD| Roo Rocks Spanish Style with La Coqueta

I was gifted this little outfit before lockdown (remember those times?!) and I’ve been trying to find a good time to post. I figured that actually, I want to share my little ray of sunshine looking super adorable and Corona isn’t going to stop me. So here goes.

As Ruben grows older, he is really growing into his own little personality and it’s amazing. He’s certainly a wild child, and very cheeky, but he’s also really sensitive and loving too. He’ll smile and wave at everyone in shops, and cuddle any soft toy that gets too close. 

I love to dress him in bright colours, fun prints and gender-neutral pieces. I hate a lot of the stereotypical “boy” clothes, with gross slogans and pictures of trucks, so I buy a lot of things from online Insta shops, however when La Coqueta got in touch and offered to gift me something to try with Roo, I fell in love. 

The gorgeous ditzy print dresses and bloomers made my heart hurt and you better believe if we have a girl I’ll be back on the site (and wishing there were adult versions). But for Ruben, I went for this sweet Anillo Baby Set and he looked so adorable and smart in it. 

I loved the Peter Pan collar detail and the little buttons and it’s perfect for little ones as it’s an all-in-one so you don’t have to worry about the little shirt becoming untucked when he is crawling around. That said, you can detach the bottoms for easy changing, which, let’s face it, is as important as how cute it looks. 

This would be so lovely for a wedding, Christening or photoshoot, with some little white socks and black or navy t-bar shoes.

It’s 100% not Roo’s usual style, and that’s why I love it so much. With his stunning blonde curls (where did they come from please?!) he looked so angelic and smart and it was so lovely to see him all dressed up. He was still able to crawl around happily and cause havoc so I know it must have been comfy too! 

He looked like a little cherub and it made my heart hurt so I think I’m going to have to treat him (/me) to a few little bits for the summer if we ever get out of this lockdown! 

Do you like Spanish clothing? Let me know in the comments what you would choose! 

Photos taken at the lovely NQ Photography studio Manchester.

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