How to be a Blogger’s Best Friend

In a frankly typical turn of events, an idea I’ve been harbouring for a while, for a blog post, was recently written by someone else (probably far better than I would have managed) and went viral. 

It’s a rather wonderful post on Why You Should Read Your Friend’s Blog and it is unbelievably spot on. The feeling I get when someone shares one of my posts, comments on a video, or tells me they’ve read something I’ve written is unreal. I never quite know how to react (story of my life), but please know that inside I am dancing. 

So I figured I would develop that post one step further. How to be an amazing friend to someone with a blog. I’m sure you are all amazing friends anyway, but here are some blog-specific ways you can be exemplary. 

1. If you like it, share it. In the same way you would with anything else you read online, if it speaks to you, tell the world. Leave a comment, share it to your timeline, or send it to a friend who would enjoy it. Share the love. 

2. Be patient. Sometimes your friend might want to take a million different pictures of a meal before you start eating. Good flat lays take time and effort and as annoying as it may be, the outcome could be beautiful and it’s important to your friend. Be a bro and don’t complain. 

3. In fact, why not help? Offer to hold a light, suggest ideas (though try not to be pushy), and help with moving things. Not only will your help be physically appreciated, but the fact that you are willing to help is a lovely show of support. 

4. Send your friend ideas. Is there an event on that would be a great post for their blog? A new restaurant you could review? Perhaps a hot button issue you think their readers would love to hear opinions on? Bloggers always need new content ideas. As long as you are okay for them not to always be used, go ahead and give ideas – we need them! 

5. Be your friend’s biggest fan. Tell them when something you read is wonderful, but also when something didn’t quite work. If you think their book posts are fantastic but their photography lets them down when it comes to restaurant reviews, let them know. Take an active interest and give constructive feedback. Don’t be a dick, but also, don’t be a yes man. Tell them your honest opinion on things and it will mean so much to them. 

So there are just five ways I think you could be a wonderfully supportive friend to the blogger in your life. I am lucky enough to have several friends who do all of the above and make this weird internet-writing-thing feel legit. So to anyone who has ever shared a post, told me you read my blog, given me inspiration or held a chair stable so I wouldn’t fall off whilst getting a difficult shot – thank you! <3 


  1. Great post! You can’t help but feel great whenever anyone says they’ve read your post.My boyfriend gets a bit sick of me always taking pics of our meals everytime we eat out! He’s a blogging widow.:)

  2. This post is awesome. I love your suggestions. I think constructive feedback is really important to helping someone improve. Incidentally, I love the photograph at the top of the post.

    1. Thank you! Sadly I didn’t take it, it’s from a royalty-free site but I am making an effort to use much better imagery 🙂 x

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