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Hey I’m Amy from Amys thoughts! Thankyou Codie for letting my guest post on your wonderful blog! So lets get to it. First of all let me say merry christmas eve! Is that even a thing? Well it is now, so merry christmas eve. I thought I’d celebrate this lovely day by sharing what me and my family did on christmas eve as children and what we do now on christmas eve.

As children  on christmas eve its so magical as your so egar to see what santa brought you the next day. Some traditions every child does on christmas is leave things out for santa, such as a mince pie and a glass of milk and some carrots for the reindeers of course. ( Which my dad would sneakly take a bite out of, so it looked like santa ate it) A thing my nanna introduced to use was reindeer food. It was basiclly oats, glitter and confenti tied up in a pretty bow. But to a 5 year old this is pretty convincing. The idea behind it is that you sprinkle it on your lawn outside your house and it attracts the reindeers to your house to make sure santa wont forget you, cute right!

Another thing my mum would do is buy us new christmas PJ’s to put on, and we would all snuggle up on the sofa watching christmas movies. It would usually be Miracle on 34th street, or The grinch. Then we would go to bed super early.  Whilist we were sleeping my dad would dress up as santa and my mum would get a sneaky recording of him on her phone putting the presents under the tree. So When we woke up on christmas and saw all are presents she showed us the recodring of santa to make it even more magical.

Now as a somewhat of an adult. I say adult im 19 and still cant put a quilt in a quilt cover without getting in a tangled mess. But I still have a few tradations I like to do the day before christmas.

I like to make sure the house is clean. I hoover my room, put on cleaning bedding. Pick out my comfiest PJ’s (christmas ones of course) and lay them out ready for when I go to bed. I then have a pamper night. I run myself a long bath, pop in a bath bomb, deep condtion my hair. Give myself some tlc. When the evening of christmas eve comes I like to watch a few christmas movies to follow tradation one will be Miracle on 34th street and the other Elf. I then make myself a hot chocolate and go to bed somewhat early.

Christmas eve is so magical as a child and as I have grown up the magic just seemed to slip away. I cant wait one day to have my own children and re light that magic with them.

So Merry Christmas eve everybody and I hope you have a wonderful christmas!

Thanks again Codie ! And I hope you have a lovely day!

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