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Hi readers, my name is Rhian and the lovely Codie has handed me over the reigns to write a post about the best time of year, Christmas of course.
Christmas for myself and my family is a very big deal, it always has been since myself and my brother were born and even though i’m 25 now Christmas is still just as exciting and full on. You always assume that your Christmas is how everyone else celebrates it and it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realised how big Christmas was in our world.

Our present giving and daily traditions have remained the same every year, and for 25 years’ each Christmas has near enough gone the same. On Christmas eve we always have a special meal to try and prolong the festivities and every year since myself and my brother always get new PJ’s so that when we wake up on Christmas morning we’re already in new PJ’s. It’s one of the things I always look forward to about going to sleep, because who doesn’t love new nightwear?

Christmas day is spread out as much as possible to ensure there isn’t a feeling of anticlimax. We always dress up to the 9’s and have a lovely breakfast before hitting our living room where all the presents have been laid out. Even though me and my brother are 24 and 25 respectively we’re never allowed into the living room to view the presents until after breakfast when we’re ready to open them. It genuinely still makes me feel like a big kid seeing the piles.

Presents don’t stop there, my nan always saves her presents for after Christmas dinner. Apparently when I was a few years old and starting to read I actually went up to her in a little huff and asked why none of the presents were from her! My parents always keep a few key presents aside for after dinner as well so there’s more to look forward to.

We never watch TV on Christmas day instead after dinner we play cards and board games and just eat our millions of courses of food. We have a tradition which has been going over ten years now of playing prize bingo. My family (mainly my nan) love a good old game of Bingo so my mum always goes out and guys around 20 little presents, some stupid ones for example one year we had a fake poo, and some awesome ones like little bottles of alcohol or smellies. We then play to win the prizes which is always a laugh.

Our traditions don’t stop at Christmas day, we always have a buffet on Boxing Day evening full of non Christmas food (some home-made and some bought) alongside any leftover meat (if there is any!) The day after Boxing Day has always been fish night in our household because we’re usually fed up with meat by then, but for the first time this year I won’t be around for this night which might be a little strange.

As you can see for Christmas in my family it’s quite a long celebration despite the fact that we’re quite a small family and I love it. Christmas is certainly my favourite time of the year.

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