#BEDN: Winter Work Warmers

Looking out of the window at my office, it’s pretty clear that Winter is speeding towards us. Mostly because I work in Manchester and so the streets below are filled with Christmas Market stalls ready to open this weekend (& the mulled wine stall just so happens to be right outside of our front door!). Either way, it’s bloody nippy and difficult to work when you’re worried various appendages are going to drop off without warning, so here are my Winter Work Warmers. (Because who doesn’t enjoy excessive alliteration?!) (also I’m obsessed with this app so expect more posts like this!)

Winter Work Essentials


Firstly, winter office attire. Invest in some super soft thermal leggings (my current pair are from Primark and they are so snuggly I am in heaven!), or some thick knitted tights and then rock the knitted skirt, knitted jumper – heck, knitted knickers if you can find them! What I’m saying is, wear all of the knitwear because you can and I guarantee you look cute af in it.
Obvz you needs hats and gloves and scarves BUT get fingerless gloves for in the office! That way you can type easily but simultaneously┬ápassive aggressively let everyone know how cold you are – turn on the damn heater Janet you stingy mare!
Tis the season for hot chocolate and unless you want to spend all your wages in a chain coffee shop, why not grab some packets of marshmallows and a can of whipped cream and make your own fancy bevvies in the office?
I’m pretty lucky that my workplace is kinda chill with most things. For example, I am pretty much constantly just in my socked feet because shoes stifle my creativity man. My bosses never questioned when I started bringing in a hot water bottle to cuddle during cold days and I reckon I could get away with wearing some cute fluffy slippers too! In fact, the only real issue my boss has is that he hates onesies, but aside from that, I shall be spending most of the winter in a warm snuggly cocoon.

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