TNMT: Review

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I freaking love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a T-shirt, PJ bottoms and even a pair of leggings featuring their cute, kickass little faces. So when the new movie was announced I was simultaneously really excited and also a bit apprehensive. As soon as I saw the poster however, my heart dropped a little. In my mind the TMNT gang do not look so… Scary. This rendition makes them look like steroid-injecting meatheads – the bad guys rather than the heroes. Still, I wanted to see the film and I had pretty high hopes.
Honestly, I have completely mixed feelings about this movie. The action scenes were incredible and I loved Michelangelo but everything else was a little flat. It seems as though they squashed all of the personality into Mikey and the others were just playing back-up. It seemed to me like a whole load of, mostly pretty stupid, jokes were written and that was Mikey’s whole script. I didn’t believe that they were teenagers at all – though maybe that just means something different if you’re a turtle. I really liked Splinter, but he seemed like a flash in the pan, in fact, in general I wanted to know more about their lives when they’re not fighting crime. I don’t know if this stems from loving the TV show as a kid (and now, whatever, don’t judge me) or what, I just felt as though they were merely fighting vessels with nothing else really to them. Even the story wasn’t overly interesting. April’s colleague, who seemed so insignificant I didn’t even bother to remember his name, seemed a bit creepy at times and far too quick to suddenly change personalities when he was needed to jump into action – conveniently. Nothing really came of April’s news reporting except it facilitating her spotting the drama at the start, and gave her an ‘excuse’ to put herself in mortal danger several unlikely times. The way she told her colleagues (Featuring Woopi herself!) about the turtles before she had met them made me want to punch her. No one would be that stupid. You’d realise that people weren’t going to believe you without more proof. Also, they didn’t act as surprised as they should have given that information. My other bug bare was the way the guy she called about an exclusive hung up on her before even hearing what it was. That wouldn’t happen. For all he knew she could be witnessing the Second Coming. There seemed to be a lot of things that were conveniently done to facilitate the story but made it seem a bit weak. I know I seem pretty negative about it, but there were some moments I was genuinely on the edge of the sofa, willing them on (Even through the moments when there we’re quite clearly escape loop holes all over the place) and I did get pretty involved in the film. It just wasn’t all I’d hoped it could be.


  1. I know that feeling so well of a mixture of excitement and dread when a story or characters you love make it on to the big screen. It’s rare they ever live up to our expectations cause they have to squeeze so much in, but at least you enjoyed the action scenes!

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