Tips from a Car Boot Queen! (Well… Sort of!)

I have always loved a good car boot sale! As a child it was a treasure trove of Polly Pockets and endless books. As a student it was a way of selling our stuff to pay for festival tickets. This weekend we decided to do one in order to help pay for our Disneyland Paris trip and to relieve the poor Mother-in-Law-to-be of all the stuff that’s been stored in her loft since we moved out. We managed to make over £100, selling things that would otherwise have gone to the tip, it was beautiful weather and we were there with Steven’s sister and her family so it was a lot of fun.
On the high of our successful sales, I decided I would pass on some of my top tips to you – so that you too, can be a car boot Queen!

  1. Don’t bother labelling individual things. You’re better off marking a box ‘Everything 50p’ and popping everything in it. Saves you hours of time and effort, with the same effect.
  2. Invest in a good bumbag. Not only will you look hella cool, but it saves having a risky Tupperware box full of cash on view.
  3. Take snacks! I cannot stress this enough! This is my tip for most life situations, but it always serves me well. You will get hungry and you will get tempted by the sausage butties. Don’t do it!
  4. If you go off for a browse, leave all your money behind. You’ll stop yourself impulse buying rubbish, (Steven & I are the worst for this!) and if there is something you really want you can always pop back for your money and know you actually thought about the purchase.
  5. Take suncream! This was a newly learned lesson, and I wish I had thought about it before! Somehow, I burnt my poor nose (& I’m the girl who never burns!) and poor Steven (who always gets burnt!) caught the sun on his arms and face.
  6. Wear layers. Enough that you will be warm enough when the sun is just rising, but also suitable ones to strip off as it gets hotter during the day.
  7. Be confident in your pricing. Try not to say ‘Erm… £2…?’. Say ‘That’s £2 for that please’. That way there’s less wiggle room.
  8. Conversely, if it’s tat that you really couldn’t care less about and you really just want it out of your life, 50p is a good fail safe. All those 50p’s add up and it’s better than having to pack it up and taking it home again. Still, not much should go for less than 50p, those people are just taking the biscuit!
  9. Books don’t sell very well. I’m not sure why as I used to spend all my money on car boot sale books. It might be a good idea to do a BOGOF offer if you’re desperate to get rid of them.
  10. Don’t underestimate what will sell. We sold a broken TV and several old broken laptops (of course we were honest about the faults!) to a couple who enjoy doing things up. If we hadn’t sold them, we were planning on just taking them to the tip or something so that extra £20 was very welcome! That said, people do not want broken toys or dirty clothes. You gotta use some judgement.

    Bonus: Don’t forget: Carrier bags, a lot of change, a marker pen, electronics boxes, food and drink and a lot of patience!

I hope that helped! Some people are really great at car boot sales and do them most weekends. I had to have a two hour afternoon nap to recover so I’m not sure I could manage that! Still, we’re really happy with the £100+ and the newly found space in our lives! Yay!

What’s the most amount you’ve ever made at a car boot? Let me know in the comments!

How to be a Car Boot Queen!-3

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