The Book of Everyone

Just before Christmas, the lovely folks at The Book of Everyone, kindly gave me the chance to make my very own Book of Everyone! As someone who never found her name on anything in a gift shop, and therefore is a little obsessed with anything personalised, this is such a wonderful idea!

Basically, The Book of Everyone, gives you the chance to create a beautiful, graphic book based on your favourite person (or yourself if y’know, that’s what you’re about. No judgement here!). The process is easy, and dead fun, and you can be as creative, or structured as you wish. Once you’ve given the basic information: name, birthday, age etc, The Book of Everyone allows you to change the colour of the cover, and lets you have a sneak peak at the pages that it has compiled.


There are loads of opportunities to personalise the book to your chosen person, for example, a message at the start can say anything you like (within reason!), however on certain pages you can make a decision, for example to tell your person that they share 52% of their DNA with a passionfruit or have 2 chromosomes less than a potato! The book is full of quirky facts like this, such as how long precisely they’ve been alive, what was number one at the time etc.

Book gift

Fill the book with your favourite quotes and little in-jokes, whilst The Book of Everyone provides the gorgeous graphics and design. You can get birthday-specific books, or seasonal (at the moment there’s a romantic edition and one for Mother’s Day!) or just one for the sake of it. You can choose from a digital copy (great if someone is far away!) right up to a fancy deluxe. I got a hardcover edition for Steven and it’s such great quality.


Even better, the printers that are used were the first Carbon Neutral printer in the world! Yay!


I’m always looking for cool gift ideas and this totally ticks the box. If you want to treat someone you love to a unique gift that shows them you care (but without having to get covered in glitter and glue yourself!), I would totally recommend The Book of Everyone.


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