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What Am I Doing with my Life: 2017 Edition

I feel that this is a running theme in my world. Like, what actually am I doing with my life?!

The answer at the moment is working too much and neglecting my poor blog(s) and Youtube channel. When writing is your job, and you make vlogs for a client, it’s easy to forget about the OGs like your own personal blog – which is exactly what I have done for the past year! 

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I’m the Worst: A Life/Health Update

As a fan of all of the multitasking, I figured it was about time I wrote a blog post explaining why I’ve been such a crappy blogger at the moment and giving a health update as several people have asked for a year-on follow up from my CFS/Fibro vlog.

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Being Diagnosed with CFS & Fibromyalgia

Last week, I was diagnosed with CFS & Fibromyalgia (incase you didn’t get that from the title – haha!), and I figured a video was a good way of getting all those feels out. It made me realise that I have stopped posting my Youtube videos on my blog, so I really need to try and get back on that. …