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Codiekinz’ Top Tips for CV Writing Success!

Major nerd alert: I LOVE rewriting people’s CVs. I think it’s the same principle as tidying someone else’s room. Doing yours seems impossible, but something new and unseen is weirdly fulfilling. So last weekend I offered my CV rewriting services as a freebie (or ‘pay what you like’) to get some buzz around them, but to also enable some of my student friends to be able to get their CV looked at without forking over cash. It’s been great and I got a whole load to look over, so I figured I would write a little post about my top tips!

CV Rewrites!

For weeks, people have been asking me to rewrite their CVs and I’ve weirdly enjoyed it! So I’ve decided, as part of my newly-launched freelancing services ( *shameless plug!*) that this will be something I’m going to offer now! As long as I have clear notes, I can turn around a fully formatted CV within 48 hours. I will also do …