Sending love to Liechtenstein!

Every now and then, a friend invites me to a group on Facebook that is actually interesting. Rarely, of course, as they are usually for Boxing Clubs in a city I’ve not lived in in four years… At first glance, ‘Opaque FL’ was of no interest to me and I just clicked off, completely forgetting about it until I received a message from a friend telling me more…
Opaque are an acoustic/folk band from Peterborough, with a pretty good following in their hometown (which also happens to be my hometown) (I do not have as good at following there). When Moony, the lead singer was taking a look at the views for the band’s latest song on Youtube, he noticed something curious: a small percentage of the video views were from Liechtenstein, a tiny principality hundreds of miles away in the Alps…

How odd!

Instead of just turning off his computer and thinking no more about it, Moony decided to do something a bit more fun.

“He booked himself a ticket to Liechtenstein to find out for himself. While there he discovered a unique and unusual country with a strong sense of community. He decided to bring Opaque back for a tour of this country where ‘everybody knows everybody’ in October, starting what he calls Opaque’s mission to become Liechtenstein’s new favourite band.”

I have to stop for a second here to say that I think Moony and I would be great friends, I love this level of curiosity and spontaneity!

“What began as a moment of idle curiosity for Opaque’s singer sparked off a whole journey which led them to discover a new country and a new audience. Though just beginning, the band’s story has already been covered all over Liechtenstein’s national press and may very well lead to Opaque meeting the country’s prince, Hans Adam II, in August next year and playing a personal concert for him.

Opaque’s unusual mission has also received interest from a number of documentary crews wanting to cover their story. The band hope that with enough coverage they might be able to discover the original Liechtenstein Youtube viewers who led them to discover the country and started the ball rolling.”

This is the kinda weird personal challenge I am all about! I’ve read all of Danny Wallace’s books about this kinda thing – they are totally my bag… baby! I love fun ideas that bring people together just for the craic (as my Irish friends would say!).

One aspect of the project that I love is ‘send some love to Liechtenstein’ where people take a picture of themselves holding a flower which will get shown in Liechtenstein itself! I love the idea that we can all be connected in this weird way, through the internet and photographs and music.

So get involved! Like the Facebook Page, send a flower picture and follow the adventures of this noble campaign!

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