Review: Lush Toothy Tabs

For a while now, I’ve toiled with the idea of LUSH’s Toothy Tabs, but I’ve always been too nervous. Having had braces (twice!) I’m pretty specific about oral hygiene. I just couldn’t believe that little round tabs could brush my teeth as well as the usual toothpaste I use. However, Steven decided to treat us and we gave them a try! We bought the ‘Dirty’ ones, as they are minty and I’m not sure I could try anything too crazy for my first time (Although some of the flavours sounds incredible!) You nibble them between your front teeth (this backfired the first time as it shot out of my mouth and into the sink…Awks!) and then just brush with your wet toothpaste. It doesn’t foam as much but it does have a really nice, subtle mint taste. If you’re someone who is a little wary of fluoride, this is a great alternative as it only uses good, necessary ingredients.
On my first try I was a bit sceptical, but after a quick brush, my teeth felt so clean, I couldn’t stop running my tongue over them. It is a really weird experience getting used to not feeling a burning mint sensation after you brush but after checking with Steven several times, I was confident that my breath was still minty fresh. One of my favourite things about this product over a classic toothpaste is that you can drink OJ straight away and it doesn’t taste gross – Yay!

Overall, I think this is a great product. It’s less messy and great for travel. They lasted us about the same amount of time as a toothpaste and you get pretty good portion control which is great. They’re certainly worth a try if you want something new – maybe next time we’ll check out some of the more interesting flavours!


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