#BEDN: Home Office Tour

Today’s #BEDN prompt is “style”. I’m currently sat here in my PJs and a giant varsity hoody from a University I didn’t even go to – so safe to say that I am not the right person to talk style in regards to fashion! That said, I decided I’d do a little home office tour, as it’s the only room in the house that is entirely mine, (& the kitten’s too of course!) and I think it shows off my “style” the best.

So this is my workspace. The desk is from IKEA and was super cheap but really versatile. It was the middle-sized table and fits perfectly against this chimney breast which makes me so happy! My lamp has been decoupaged with book pages so it puts me in thew mood to write. I’ve recently just got a new iMac as the contract for my MacBook had finished. I feel really lucky to have such a great computer, but also really proud because I pay for it myself #Allthewomenwhoindependant

I really enjoy quotes so the big motivational poster above my desk is a really great way of reminding myself to work hard.


A little close-up of one side of my desk. Standard empty wine glass (from last night, not this morning!) on a really cute coaster from Veronica Dearly. The little set of drawers was super cheap from Wilkinsons and houses my Postit notes and stickers and I love to be surrounded by candles and that is just one from Primark. The board behind is also from Primark and I just fell in love as soon as I saw it. It came with the “Throw kindness around like confetti” postcard and a few others that I didn’t like as much, so I used a few little cards I’ve collected recently.


This is the other side of my desk, with cute whale mug and homemade coaster! Again, the documents box is from Wilkos – I’m always really impressed with their stationary, both in price and quality. My little pin board is mainly just a home for my adorable little ducky push pins.


I love these really cute decorations that were sent to me by the lovely Bethan. They make the room feel really summery and happy – let’s just ignore the boxes of random crap on top of my craft wardrobe…


This string of photos is on the other side of my light shade and it was stupidly easy to make but it reminds me of some of my favourite people. I made them double sided too so I could get even more pictures displayed. You can also see a paper chain in the background which was from a kit from Tesco in the summer and in the window is a beautiful set of hanging photo frames that my lovely friend Sam made me.


This is where all my favourite things end up on the wall and act as a background for my Youtube videos. The Codiekinz poster was designed for me by Dan (from Crawford & John) and there’s so many cute notes and tickets and hand drawn things so it makes me happy to look at them all.

So there you have it, that’s my craft room/office/spare bedroom tour. Everything was done pretty cheaply, using IKEA, Primark and Wilkinsons as well as a whole load of DIY and up cycled things. It’s really nice to have a room to dedicate to my blogging and crafting, with a handily placed pull-out bed to chill on too!

What do you think?


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