Home: Update!

So, only a few days after the big move (and not much of this time actually spent in our dream home) I feel it is a good time to reflect. Our place is finally beginning to feel like a home, our home, and that is both wonderful and terrifying all at once. After spending most of our relationship squished in one room, having several to spread out in and utilise is the best feeling. A sofa, (which took 2 days, yells of ‘pivoooot’! and a wonderful father-in-law to be taking apart the bannister to get it up) some snuggly throws and a beautifully mis-matched cutlery set are the things making me smile. I spend the whole working day desperate to get back home, to unpack boxes and put up pictures. This morning, when getting out of the shower, I picked up my shampoo, ready to pack it, forgetting that I was not in fact in a hotel (maybe a sign I travel too much…?!) but that this is my permanent residence, for at least the next 6 months – what a wonderful feeling. What isn’t so wonderful, however, is the distinct lack of wifi for the next two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, we got a great deal on fibre and it’s going to be amazing, but last night, when we had friends round, our lack of a DVD collection and dependance on Netflix meant that we were at a bit of a loss for what to do. Lucky, the good ol’ SNES doesn’t use internet and Super Mario kept us all occupied for a while.
Sure, we may have waited for an entire hour for our lowly lasagne to cook, only to realise when it should have been done that we hadn’t turned the oven on properly. And sure, we bought curtains that are about two foot too long and drag to the end of time. And sure, I re-covered a chair (blog to come soon!) and used around a thousand staples – of which many are still buried in the carpet. But I couldn’t be happier with this little space we call our own.

What I’m most looking forward to at the moment, however, is the weekend. Getting up in our own home, with no where to be and nothing needing to be done, other than a little potter around the apartment and some amateur interior design. I’m not quite turning into a domestic queen, I still forget that I have to do my own washing up, I don’t have a loo roll holder, and barely anything in the house matches, but it’s us. That to me is home in its truest sense.

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