Fit Girl’s Guide – 28 Day Jumpstart!

Never before have I been so excited to start a health journey, than the Fit Girl’s Guide – 28 day Jumpstart. I say ‘health journey’ rather than ‘diet’ because that just doesn’t seem to do it justice! I first found out about FGG when a friend mentioned starting the program and encouraged me to have a little look on Instagram. I was hooked! From cute stories and ‘good vibes only’, the whole page is about positivity and happiness. The before and after pictures are not just skinny girls getting skinnier, or pictures that are clearly taken in a better angle to make results look better. The results genuinely look real, reliable and based on more than just the scales! In fact, after taking the plunge and giving the (super cute!) eBook a mooch, I was even more impressed. I was expecting to find the ‘girly’ language grating or condescending but it’s actually just really good, intelligent information written as if by your friend (or BFFL if you will!).One of my favourite things is how the meals (that look amazing by the way!) are mapped out, with a shopping list for the start of each week, and each recipe written clearly. Not only that, but each meal suggestion comes with a whole load of substitutions or options to ensure that you can eat stuff you actually like! It even goes as far as to help you plan ahead, suggesting things you can make the night before, to save you time the next day. A lot of emphasis is put on, not weighing yourself, but seeing the positive changes in your body and health. The book is full of beautiful pictures, an easy to read conversational tone, science and motivation. You are never guilted for not losing weight, or even falling off the track temporarily. The workouts are focused on consistency and fun – doing what works for you to ensure you’re being active a little every day!
There are strict guidelines about before and after pictures to ensure that they are standardised and true, and they are interspersed with cool recipes, new workouts and motivation. There is a real sense of camaraderie, particularly with the ‘challenge’ having dedicated start days so there’s an ‘all in this together’ mentality. The next one starts on Monday, and I am ready!

I’m going to keep you posted on this, as I really think it’s going to be good! I feel like it’s the motivation I need to make a healthy change to my lifestyle.


    1. Hi Kate, as with most things I got sidetracked, however I am going to start back again in the next few weeks! Good luck! 🙂

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