February Book Roundup

Once again, late to the party (a book reading party?! That would be the best!), here are my February reads! Thanks to long bubble baths and equally long, but less fun train rides, I’ve managed to plow through a decent amount this month!
A few of these have been sent to me from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. These will be marked with a little * for clarity, however it won’t make any difference to how I review the books.

(It’s currently the 18th of March and I’ve been so busy I’ve still not finished writing this!)

Not if I see you First* – Eric Lindstrom
This followed feisty-but-likeable Parker Grant, who happens to be blind. We explore her life datin, trying out for track team, and basically navigating being a teenager, who is blind. Oh, and also her Dad died a few months back. Despite all of that she’s surprisingly upbeat. Her friendships make you feel warm and fuzzy and Parker herself feels so honest. It really makes you wonder how hard it must be to be blind and the everyday things we take for granted. I really enjoyed reading this book and want to check out some more Eric Lindstrom books now!

Five Colour One* – Jenny Valentine
This was a pretty quick, easy read, but pretty interesting. Iris meets her real Dad for the first time, as he is dying. Her Mum and Step-Dad are gold digging poop-heads and I kinda wish they weren’t even in the story. Also, Iris is a pyromaniac and her best friend Thurston sounds like the kinda guy I want to be friends with. Not a lot really ‘happens’ in the book, as such, but it’s interesting getting to know the characters. The twist at the end seemed a little random and unbelievable but it was good read nonetheless.

Surviving Haley* – Brenda Baker
This book was pretty “meh”. We follow Lauren Werthman as she tries to get over the guilt surrounding her little sister’s death. Honestly, even though it’s been a matter of weeks since I read this book, I had to look up the plot to remember it – that says a lot! The characters weren’t overly likeable, (except the counsellor, I liked her!) and the fact that Lauren falls in love with Jonas within moments for no real reason, seems ridiculous. Everything “fixes” itself so quickly, and conveniently that it made me groan out loud.

The Number One Rule for Girls* – Rachel McIntyre
This was a really light-hearted, chick-lit kinda read and quite enjoyable when you get past the awkward “down with the kids” language. Such as: Cringer-sation, Sparklifies, Prince Fittie of Fitlandia etc. I loved the subtle feminist tones – definitely not too try hard at all, which makes a nice change. That said, when Daisy keeps going back to the guy who is clearly a grade A poo-face, you want to shake her and make her see! This book won’t change your life, but it’s a pretty great holiday read.

Help Me* – Donna M Zadunajsky
As a novella, this was super short, and in this case I am glad! I didn’t like this book at all. It seemed like such a fake portrayal of mental health, suggesting that a person can only suffer with depression if there is a “reason”. I understand the concept of the book, with the story being told through various POV but they all seemed pretty dull and one dimensional. I think it was well intentioned but very poorly executed.

My Life Next Door* – Huntley Fitzpatrick
LOVEEEEED this book! As a child, I wanted to write a novel about a guy who falls in love with a girl after he sees her out of his window. I realise now that a) I’m not cut out to write a novel, and b) that’s pretty creepy. This book is a less weird, much better version of that. Most of the characters are likeable (and the ones that aren’t are the ones that shouldn’t be!) – shout out to adorable George and the perpetually stoned but totally real, Tim. There’s a big twist that makes it so much more than a cheesy love-fest. Totally worth a read.

Severed Heads, Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider
I’ve been meaning to read this for ages but never actually gotten round to it – glad I finally did. Ezra is an interesting character, the typical “golden boy” jock with a heart until a car crash leaves him no longer able to play tennis, and therefore no longer wanting to be “popular”. Thank God because this old friends are total douchebags and his new ones are 100% cooler – in fact, I’m glad that they aren’t the stereotypical geeks, they’re just cool in their own way. Cassidy is clearly the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (blog post in progress about that literary trope!) however I’m not sure if she’s as likeable as she should be for this role. This book won’t change your life but it’s a good read to stick on your YA list.

So that’s my February Book Roundup over! I’m happy with the amount of books I’ve plowed through this month. I know March won’t be as book-filled as I start off life as a Freelancer, so I’m glad I got so many in this month.

Let me know if you agree, or disagree with any of my reviews!

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