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I am so excited to be able to share this project with you! The idea came to me in the middle of the night (as the best ideas do!) after weeks of desperately trying to think of a good topic for a video. Instead of just thinking of just one video idea, I came up with a whole channel idea!
Play on Verbs: An online English Revision Tool 

I have always been a total English nerd. I have also always been an aspiring teacher. And, of course, I am a drama graduate, so this project brings these three aspects of me together with my Youtube side. I want to create a series of videos that can be used by high school students to revise for GCSE English exams. I think that Youtube is a relatively un-tapped learning resource and has infinite opportunities for development. It’s a proactive way that students can revise and take control of their own learning without having to sit in front of piles of books. It is not meant to replace other forms of revision, but rather offer another option for students who perhaps do not find reading to be the best way for them to retain information.
The format of the series will be multiple episodes, covering a different topic each time. For example, if we were focussing on a specific set text, the episodes could include: Plot, themes, symbolism, the author, exam questions etc. In addition to the set texts, we will also be producing more general videos, the idea being that you do not necessarily need to watch every episode, they can stand alone and be viewed as needed.
There doesn’t seem to be much in this way on the internet at the moment. Anything that does exist does not seem to be particularly engaging and this is a gap we hope to appeal to. The idea is that the videos are similar in style to ‘SciShow’ and ‘CrashCourse’ but with more of a focus on the curriculum. The team for this project will by myself, Chris Seery, a newly qualified secondary school teacher and Steven Wright from Crawford & John. Chris will help with the creation of videos, presenting and writing alongside me, and Steven will be our designer, video editor and general tech genius.
I’m hoping that these videos will be engaging and informative, a useful tool for students of all levels. If you would like to support this project, please feel free to donate as little or as much as you would like. If we don’t hit our target, you don’t have to pay, but if we do, we would be so happy!  You can also support us in a non-monetary way by sharing the content around and offering feedback and comments. I will keep you all updated!

The link to pledge:

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  1. I can’t afford money right now, but what I can afford is some test runs with classes if the topic suits etc.
    – Kayleigh xx

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