Carefully Everywhere Descending – L.B Bedford – Review

Carefully Everywhere Descending – L.B Bedford
I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this book ahead of its release on October 1st by the lovely people at Harmony Ink Press.

The story follows Audrey, typical poor kid, trying desperately to achieve in high school so she can escape a dysfunctional house and go to a good college. She’s suceeding pretty well until Scarlett (ultimate hot girl name!), comes on to the scene, asking to be tutored…

The tension is thick throughout, despite arguments and making up (and out!), you’re really routing for this couple. The characters are complex and there isn’t too much emphasis put on “OHMYGOD THEY’RE LESBIANS!” Which I really appreciated. It was a love story, that just so happens to involve two girls, rather than what is often the case, where a writer is trying to be ‘edgy’ using lesbians as a novelty.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story, but it doesn’t end how you expect. I was gripping the book through the last few pages and it really was an amazing twist.

The writing was incredible, evoking so many feelings throughout, that it was hard to remember that it was a book, and not actual life. I found myself cringing with second hand embarrassment and squirming with anxiety – maybe it’s because I get far too into books, or just because Bedford knows how to put words together, either way, this was a pleasure to read.


  1. This sounds very interesting. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book with two female leads which is quite strange as I expect there are lots of same sex love story books out there.

  2. As a social justice advocate I applaud a novel that treats the LGBT community as ‘normal’ rather than a novelty for the purpose of maximizing sales. It sounds like a raw celebration of a love that has no limits and should not be labelled as a ‘lesbian love story’ just as heterosexual narratives are not labelled as ‘straight stories’. I look forward to reading the novel and exploring the ‘twist’ at the end and whether it furthers or hinders the plots progression.

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