#BEDN: Autumnal Living room

Autumn living room mood board


Now that I’m almost a proper grown-up, I actually get real pleasure from looking at the homeware aisles of shops. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true and so I’ve decided to just embrace it.

So today’s post is just a collection of cute accessories that I think would really turn your living room (or whatever term you use) into a cosy autumnal haven in which to hide from the rain.

Candles are of course a necessity in all areas of ones life and as wonderful as Yankee Candles are, it’s also fine to just pick up non-branded ones for much cheaper. You are literally setting fire to them so y’know.

I’m an old lady when it comes to blankets. I bloody love them. Primark have a great deal on light super soft fleece blankets for £5 or heavier ones for £10. Our favourite blanket is an incredible one from Matalan bought for us for Christmas one year from our grown-up couple friends.

This cushion literally says Autumn on it, so y’know, no one will be able to mistake your theme. You can never have enough cushions!

Pick up some cute miscellaneous decorative things in oranges and browns – bonus points for anything with leaves/acorns/pumpkins.

Et voila! A few items can give your room a lovely autumnal feel without having to spend a fortune. Yay!



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