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I love food. Although I’m often told that I look like I should be a vegan (what does that even mean man?!) I’m actually a big fan of meat (oh-er). So when I got an email through from Liverpool bloggers (which you should totally sign up for by the way!) asking for applicants for an event at Almost Famous, I wasted no time in replying. Imagine my excitement when I received an email from the lovely Stephanie, inviting me along!I’ve been to Almost Famous in Manchester once or twice and have absolutely loved it. The burgers are just incredible, and their Bacon Bacon fries are what dreams are made of. When I first introduced Steven to the wonder that is Almost Famous, he decided that he would go for the Good Morning America burger, which consists of:

“Cheese, sausage patty, streaky bacon, JD maple Wonderdust, Cheerios, poached egg, Bacon Bacon mayo, Winning ketchup, strawberry Pop Tart”

He loved it and it has been his staple ever since! Weird boy.I, on the other hand, feel that the classic burger, The Famous, cannot be beaten. I don’t feel like several types of meat are needed to make a heavenly burger, and Almost Famous proves that!But I’m getting ahead of myself!Getting to the actual venue was a bit of a trek. I have no sense of direction so I gave myself plenty of time, and thanks to Google Maps, and a willingness to walk up and down the same road several times meant that I made it in time. I am such a socially anxious person, and when I arrived I had no idea who I was meeting, what I was supposed to do – I was terrified! Thankfully Stephanie arrived straight afterwards and we were led upstairs to our own private bar area! Thanks to a few delicious shots, a cocktail or two and bonding over the ridiculousness of Blogger life, and suddenly I was having the best time!



We started off with a cocktail called Bitch Juice, which, by the way, is my new jam! It was so sweet and fruity I probably could have drunk it like Ribena. Oops! Our host was Tim and he was just wonderful. He really made us laugh and was more like part of the group than a bartender. He taught us how to make the cocktails and was endlessly patient with our constant giggling, question asking and photograph taking. I used to make cocktails in a nightclub back home, so I didn’t think I would be too bad at it, however looking at this hilarious picture from Olivia, it seems I found it harder than I thought! (Please bare in mind I am a few drinks in here – that’s my excuse!).

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.38.46

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.38.46

We had a choice of 3 cocktails, one whiskey based, one gin based, and one tequila based. I chose the whiskey and gin based ones because tequila reminds me of nights I’d rather forget!

In the picture above I was being expertly guided through the making of the Breakfast in Tennessee which tasted a thousand times nicer knowing I made it all by myself!



After getting our fill of drinks, we were taken downstairs to the main restaurant and it was time for food! We had a whole load of chicken wings for the table, plus Bacon Bacon Fries and Winning Fries. Then, of course, our burgers. Most of the other girls got the Triple Nom and none of us were shy with just tucking in with almost obscene noises of satisfaction! Even managed to take some fries home with us (some of which I tipsily ate on the train!).

I didn’t know that Almost Famous offered these fun, cocktail making packages but now I’ve been to one, I’d love to get some friends together and do it again! I think it would be such a great birthday party or hen do!

The prices are:

Package #1 @ £25 – Includes arrival drink from our menu and a choice of 2 Classic Cocktails Package #2 @ £35 – Includes arrival drink from our menu and a choice of 3 Classic Cocktails Package #3 @ £35 – Includes food, arrival drink from our menu and 2 Classic Cocktails

It really is worth every penny. Especially as Tim treated us as though we were the only people in the whole place and as if he had all the time in the world for us. Cannot thank Almost Famous and Liverpool Bloggers enough for an amazing night!

S/O to the lovely ladies I met there too!

Stephanie – www.liverpoolbloggers.comOlivia – Hollie – – –

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