5 things to be thankful for!

As it ’tis the season to be thankful, I felt it only appropriate to create a post of ten things I am thankful for, if only for a little bit of feel good blogging therapy for myself!

  1. Steven John Wright. I know this is obvious but indulge me for a wee moment please. Long story short, I fancied Steven from the moment I met him, around two years before we got together. The fact that he is now my official boyfriend, who I live with and who (if he is to be believed) loves me, makes me deliriously happy and thankful everyday. I won’t bore you with the soppy details (at least not in this post…) but he is easily the best thing to have happened to me. Ever.
  2. My friends. I have a small handful of best friends who are the most incredible people in the world. My bestest ever best friend is Ruth, who I sadly see stupidly rarely. We text every day however, and none of this ‘Hi, how’re you?’ yawnfest, but hilarious, catty and honest comments. She is like the other (much taller and better looking!) half of me and I could never be without her. My other two bests are Katherine-Alice and Paul, who got me through uni with love and hilarity and for whom my heart aches now that they have moved back home.
  3. Wifi. Or at least, I will be when we finally get it installed in our apartment! What can I say, I love the internet and I feel like wifi should be appreciated more.
  4. The past. I am thankful that certain things in my life didn’t work out and that certain people screwed me over, because it made me tougher, and led me to where I am today, which is not a bad place to be.
  5. Y’know what? Myself. I am thankful for my ability to get completely ready in twenty minutes in the mornings, meaning that I get an extra while in bed. I am also thankful for the fact I can read on public transport, because travel would suck without a good novel. Finally I am thankful that I can fall asleep any time anywhere. It’s a useful skill to have!


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