2015: The Year of Creative Indulgence & Spiritual Healing

So over on my Youtube channel I alluded to the fact that for me, 2015 will be the ‘Year of Creative Indulgence’, and I would like to add, of ‘Spiritual Healing’, because I’m a big hippy who likes pretentious sounding titles!
Basically, this means that for the entire year, I’m going to do things that make me happy and fulfilled. Mainly, this is yoga and crafting and reading and blogging. It’s the first year for as long as I can remember, where I don’t have any school work to do (and because this is a scary concept I have decided to start up my own business – but more about that later!). Having work to do has always been my reasoning for not making more things, or doing things for no reason other than the pure pleasure of doing it. I’m not a big shopper, or a huge fan of nights out, so I guess my indulgence is spending a whole day covered in glue and paint and glitter, and having some wonky, but endearing creation at the end of it.

In regards to the spiritual side, I have battled with my mental health in 2014 for one reason or another and the thing that’s helped me the most in yoga and meditation. I want to learn more about the practise and hopefully help to get my anxiety in check, or at least better controlled.

So expect more posts this year! More videos, more crafting and more yoga. Ultimately, I hope, more happiness!

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